Artichoke isn’t a common plant grown in Canada but is growable inside. They tend to prefer a long warm growing season and are resistant to temperatures below 13 C. They don’t do well in areas that suffer from heavy snow or frost. For the best results in our climate, try to grow them indoors.

When to Plant

You can grow an Artichoke in warmer climates such as Southern Ontario or the Okanagan Valley. Try to start your Artichokes indoors 7-8 weeks before the last frost of the season. You can also try sowing your seeds directly into the ground as soon as it’s workable, but our growing seasons tend to be far too short in Canada to harvest.

How to Plant

Artichokes require a rich soil that is well-drained and can hold moisture. A minimum of 8 hours of sunlight a day is ideal. Plant your seeds 1/4″ deep, spaced approximately 2-4 feet apart.

How to Harvest

The buds will develop from the flowers during the summer months, and the fruit will ripen in the fall. Be sure to wait until the bud has started to flower before picking and enjoying the fruits of your labours.

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