Arugula is a hardy plant that isn’t very fussy when it comes to growing conditions and can thrive in almost any growing environment. The hardiness makes it a good option for deck and balcony planters or window sills. Arugula is very hardy and can winter through a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.

When to Plant

As soon as the soil can be worked, plant your Arugula. Doing this will allow additional plantings in 2-3 week intervals through the cold weather season. For winter harvests, try to sow your seeds in mid-fall.

How to Plant

Dig yourself a shallow trench and sprinkle your seeds between 1/4-1″ apart. If you want to harvest full-sized leaves, thin them out a little more.

If you like younger leaves, the spacing should be adequate. Plant your rows approximately 6″ apart and bury the seeds shallow as the arugula seeds need light to be able to germinate.

How to Harvest

Arugula leaves can be harvested as short as 2-3″ long, which can be as little as 2-3 weeks after planting with rapid germination. The leaves tend to have the best flavour when they’re young and retain that flavour until the plant starts to bolt. Arugula flower pods are also edible and added to your salad greens for some extra colour and flavour. Once the flowers establish themselves on a plant, the leaves will start to taste more bitter.

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