The blueberry is one of the favourite fruits of Canadians. They go great on waffles, pancakes, and a la carte. It’s well known as a superfood and is raved about by doctors for its high anti-oxidants and other nutrition. They’re also a great addition to a well-balanced breakfast!

When to Plant

Start your Blueberry seeds indoors in the early spring. Be patient with the slow germination. Blueberries take between 1 and 3 months to start making their appearance.

How to Plant

Plant your Blueberry seeds in sphagnum moss-covered with about 1/4″ of slightly acidic soil. Keep your starter tray moist and allow up to 3 months for the seeds to germinate. Reduce your germination time and increase your success rate by leaving your blueberry seeds in the freezer for two months before planting. Once planted, keep your seedling tray at 60-70F until they’re at least 2-3″ tall. Once they’ve reached this goal, it’s time to find a home for your young bushes! Find a sunny/partly sunny location with slightly acidic soil for your young Blueberries to thrive!

How to Harvest

Harvesting Blueberries is very easy and a lot of fun! Watch for berries with a deep blue colour, and ideally, they’ll fall off the sprig easily without having to tug at them!

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