Welcome to Watching The Garden at Sprout Guru. We’re going to be getting ready for another exciting season of growing. Stay Tuned! Our first Episode will be Coming Soon! We’re so excited to share our triumphs and failures with twice-weekly Watching The Garden updates and pictures! We will be sharing our gardening tips and tricks, showing how we use our space, and prep for the upcoming growing season! Send us a message if you have any questions or requests on topics we can cover in our upcoming blog posts HERE. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions and hopefully teach you something new! Hope to see you all there! 

In the meantime, while you wait, head over to visit our friends at Rainy River Homesteaders! They’ve got a lot of great content, a forum to share your ideas and learn something new, and I hear they’re going to be offering webinars very soon! Click Here to visit!

Make sure you check off all the items on our Garden Prep List below as well!

  1. Plan Your Garden Layout!
  2. Order Your Seeds!
  3. Get Your Seedling Trays, Lights, and Mats Ready!
  4. Clear Debris as the Snow Starts to Recede!
  5. Sterilize Your Dirty Pots!
  6. Service Your Garden Tools!
  7. Visit Your Local Garden Center on Opening Day!
  8. Stay Tuned For Watching The Garden!

Until then, check back often as we’ll be Coming Soon!

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