Garden Watch

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! March 1st, Garden Watch begins, and the first seeds are ready to be planted! We enlisted the help of our baby boy Jacob today. He’s been bugging us to make a mess since we started moving the seedling racks into the house. I’m glad to see he’s so gung-ho about the garden this year. It’ll be great to have a little helper when it comes time to weed. We chose five varieties to plant today, and Jacob selected a group of unknown refugees in an unmarked envelope. 

Picture 1

Since Jake noticed the Garlic was starting to sprout in the pantry this morning, he decided this would be the first thing we put in the dirt. He was so excited by the time I got this picture; Jake was vibrating with excitement. Keep in mind that Garlic does not transplant well, and we did this to encourage the spirit of gardening in young Jake.

Picture 2

After we planted all the sprouting cloves of Garlic that survived the rough touch of the little one, he decided it was time for our refugees to hit the dirt. We honestly have no idea what to expect from these seeds as the bag they were in was unmarked. Does anyone have any guesses at what we can expect?

Picture 3

Can You Guess The Refugee?

After our refugees hit the dirt, it was time for the main event! We started planting our Red and Orange Sweet Bell Peppers. These are a real hit around here every summer! Great in salads, stir fry, wraps, and kabobs, not to mention our oldest’s favourite treat. Little fingers make a perfect planting tool for those tiny peat pots. 

Picture 4

Next, we planted a couple of different varieties of Basil. We enjoy using Cinnamon and Sweet Basil at our house, but there are several different varieties.

Picture 5

From the looks of those pinches of seeds he planted, we should have plenty of Basil this summer.

Picture 6

After that, we took a HUGE risk… We allowed our 3-year-old son to control the misting pressure sprayer to water the seeds and us when he turned on us with it!

Picture 7

Bathroom Break!!!

After we cleaned up the mess and things dried out a bit, it was time to mark our pots and get them ready to start growing.

Picture 8

The final product looks great and should be a great start to the year. Our son had a fun time planting, and we’re all excited to see how things germinate. 

Now it’s time to wait and see how the seeds do in our new toy! I picked this new SunBlaster Nano Dome – Mini Greenhouse just the other day! It came with a T5HO Light, Extra Tall Dome, and a Programmable Timer. I also picked up the matching Heating Mat to complete the setup.

Picture 10

Stay tuned next week and see how things are going, and most importantly, if we managed to keep the seedlings safe from Jake! 

Happy Gardening! Remember, the Smallest Leaves Bring The Biggest Smiles!

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