When you grow in a Community Garden Plot, chances are you will not have much say in where the garden is. However, if you are building a garden on your property, you get to choose the garden location. There are a few vital factors when deciding where to put your garden.


Exposure is by far the most vital factor when deciding the location of your new garden. Your chosen location should be wide open and fully exposed to the sun all day. The vast majority of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs do the best in the full sunlight but can tolerate some shade. Container Gardening has an advantage because you can move them to follow the sun through the season. 

Green Thumb Rule 

Full Sun for FruitPartial Shade for Leaves & Sprouts.


Moisture is vital to any garden like it is to us. If possible, your garden location should be near an accessible source of water. One thing to remember is that tree roots and shrubs also compete with your garden for the water in the area, so try to avoid them.


Soil matters, so please choose a location for your garden free and clear of rocks with deep, rich soil. Your Local Garden Center will likely be able to test your soil for various minerals and nutrients. If you have less than ideal soil, try not to worry, you can improve it through composting and fertilizing. 

If you find yourself selecting a garden location in the vicinity of an older house, you may want to get your soil tested for lead. Lead from old paint from an old house can stay in the ground for a long time. It can be absorbed into the fruit and leaves of your harvest and end up on your table. Exposure to lead is harmful and can cause brain issues, especially in small children. 


Last but not least, Aesthetics is something that should be taken into consideration when selecting the location for a new garden or flower bed. Even though it is nowhere near as things like exposure, moisture, or soil quality, nobody wants to look at an eyesore. Try to find a location that compliments your yard. If possible, out of the way but still in eyesight, so it doesn’t end up neglected.

Try to find a location in your yard that meets as many of these criteria as possible. Remember to consider things in priority sequence, Exposure first, secondly Moisture, and last but not least Soil quality. Whenever possible, try to give Aesthetics some consideration as well.

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