Before you sit down and decide what plants you’re going to buy, it’s a good idea to figure out what your Hardiness Zone is, so you know what will survive in your area over winter. The Government of Canada has a website dedicated to educating Canadians on the local climate in their area. Not only that, but you can see what plants they believe will do well overwinter in your township. You can find the Natural Resources Canada site HERE.

The information provided here is vital in selecting your crops. It will tell you whether a perennial will survive over the winter or if an annual will thrive in the summer. Remember, this information is only a guideline and doesn’t account for micro-climates, summer heat, or humidity. You’ll find a blend of this site, some gardening magazines, and your Local Garden Center are the best resources when selecting the best plants for your yard!

As an example, if you zoom in to the Northwestern Ontario region. Find Kenora and head to the southern tip of Lake of the Woods. You will find the approximate location of Rainy River, Ontario, where we are. 

You’ll notice we’re right on the edge of Pale Yellow and Light Green. If we compare our colour to the Zone Legend, we get our Zone ID. In our case, we are on the edge of Zones 3b and 4a.

Canadian Hardiness Zones Map
Canadian Plant Hardiness Zones
Image Courtesy of the Natural Resources Canada Website – http://planthardiness.gc.ca/
Place Your Mouse Over Your Location on the Map and Compare Your Plant Hardiness Zone Colour to the Legend on the Map.

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