Parsley is usually grown as an annual but can reproduce beyond a single season. However, you will see diminishing returns, especially in cooler climates. They also tend to be easily transplantable, so you can start them inside and bring them back in before the frost to keep collecting fresh Parsley through the winter.

When to Plant

Best planted in the spring. Usually in Rich, Moist, and Partially Shady areas.

How to Plant

Parsley likes to be seeded thinly and is best to be placed on the soil and watered. Germination usually takes place within 2-3 weeks, and it will grow slowly but steadily. In our climate, you’re best to start them inside and transplant them later. It will grow best in a Rich, Moist, and Partly Sunny environment even though it will tolerate a much more harsh environment. Put your Parsley in a place you’re struggling to grow anything as it’ll thrive no matter where you put it.

How to Harvest

Parsley is supposed to be collected when the leaves start to curl. You’ll find the leaves are fresher, oilier, and healthier in the mornings if you harvest them then. Sprigs can be stored in a jar with a little bit of water in the fridge for later.

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