Parsnip grows best in well-tilled, organic soil. Plant as early as possible in the spring, and you should have plenty of parsnip through the winter. If you leave them in the ground until after the first frost, it tends to make them taste sweeter. They’re great in many recipes including, stews, stir fry’s, and roasts.

When to Plant

Sow your seeds 1/2″ deep & in two rows approximately 4-6″ apart. Keep them moist for 2-3 weeks for germination to occur. If necessary, thin your seedlings when they reach about 4″ high. Doing this should produce a large and bountiful harvest of parsnip.

How to Plant

Thin your parsnips out again when they reach 6-8″ tall, to approximately 3″ apart. The lay compost around the remaining seedlings and patiently wait until after the first frost in the fall to harvest and enjoy your spoils.

How to Harvest

Your parsnip should ripen to maturity approximately 120 days after planting. You can try overwintering parsnips by covering them with a 2″ layer of mulch. You may have to dig deep as 2 1/2′ to remove your Parsnips like we did last year.


Add parsnip to your next stew, stir fry, or throw it in with your next roast. You’ll find that the parsnip will add a little extra sweetness to compliment the potatoes.

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